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    Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

    You enter your bathroom one morning and think that it could be a whole lot better. This is the point when you decide to take on bathroom renovation perhaps as part of remodeling your home in Peoria IL. Thereafter, you think of many considerations such as whether you keep the original layout or plan for a more efficient one, what color to use, what fixtures to incorporate, and what design to adopt. This can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance, you can have the bathroom of your dreams. Matt Davis Custom Homes presents some bathroom remodeling ideas for your next improvement project.


    Whether you have a wide or small space for your bathroom, there will always be a design that will perfectly match your needs. Bathroom remodeling provides an opportunity to improve your bathroom by including design aspects that you can call your own. Moreover, you can increase the value of your home when you follow current design trends that dominate the industry.


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    Contemporary Bathroom Ideas


    Zen-like, Contemporary Designs


    A new trend seen in bathroom design is a Zen-inspired creation with contemporary features. Homeowners of today like their bathrooms to be a place where they can relax and rejuvenate, and this is why spa-like designs are gaining attention and popularity. To achieve a modern Zen setting, one must think outside the box and combine design elements, colors, and creativity from both styles. Large spa-like showers and ultra-clear glass add luxury to a master bath by creating free-flowing light and an open, airy atmosphere.


    In addition, cool tones that create a tranquil environment are becoming increasingly popular, in particular, shades of blue and emerald greens. These colors may be combined with crisp white and touches of brown for a fresh, uplifting feel. Moreover, metallic accents and rustic materials can be added for a more sophisticated design.










    Bathroom Lighting and Ambiance



    Lighting and Ambiance


    Light fixtures are no longer just for brightening up a room. They are installed as part of the decor. Beautiful lighting options for bathrooms include pieces that are bold, large, and full of personality. Today, there are many styles of lighting fixtures to choose from. From glamorous chandeliers made of crystals to clusters of hand-blown globes or drum pendants made of metal, these lighting options can play a major role in how your relax in your bath.




    Again, the bathroom is no longer purely functional but is also a place to escape to. This principle is seen in the move toward custom furniture-like cabinetry, mood lighting, feature faucets, and the seamless integration of key functional elements. Furniture-like cabinetry is becoming more prominent in bathrooms. Moreover, stools, armchairs, coat racks, poufs, rug-style bath mats, and pendant lights can be included in the overall design.






    Walls and Tiles


    Custom Bathroom TilesTiles have been the favorite materials for bathroom walls and flooring, and they are still found in contemporary designs because they are both functional and beautiful. Tiles can be produced in a variety of designs and colors - perfect for building the right bathroom with the right feel. Modern wall tiles have bright colors, floral designs, and creative shapes. Homeowners have a chance to be creative and adopt their personal style to bring some energy to their bathrooms.


    Tiles are a demonstration of lasting elegance. They are a perfect choice for the bathroom because of their durability, attractiveness, and water-resistance. In addition, as the styles and trends change, so do the tiles. Many modern appearances and colors rely on the type of tiles. Today, the most popular colors are winter white, cobalt blue, and slate gray. Tile experts have been mixing tiles to create one-of-a-kind designs that remain timeless.




    Custom Bathroom Cabinets



    Cabinets are an essential part of a bathroom remodel, both as a design element and a functional inclusion. Raised panel doors are very popular among homeowners. Other types of cabinet frames and doors include frameless (European style) or face-framed (traditional style), wood finish - raised panel in frame, flat panel in frame, or glass panel in wood frame.





    More Design Ideas

    More design ideas await you when you choose Matt Davis to be your home remodeler. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our processes or to start your bathroom remodeling project. We guarantee excellent service that results in your dream bath.


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