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    Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

    Upgrading your kitchen through a home remodeling project in Peoria IL can be a great experience, especially as you see your kitchen brought back to life while it takes form during construction. However, it takes several design considerations to achieve the look and function that you want. Matt Davis Custom Homes, in its effort to create beautiful kitchens for homes, outlines different kitchen design tips and ideas for homeowners to consider for their next remodeling project.


    Great kitchens always start from great ideas - great ideas are often the products of experience and expertise in the industry. The design team at Matt Davis Custom Homes has worked with many different projects, such that it has accumulated a significant amount of design aspects implemented in its undertakings. Our designers also take cue from industry trends and seasoned architects to come up with their own ideas for our clients. In this way, our customers get the latest kitchen implementations right in their own homes. 



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    Color Schemes

    Off white kitchenDesign experts are promoting fresh colors that go well with the surrounding, such as light brown to brownish orange, yellow, or blue. These colors can be combined with decor having another color taken from a more neutral palette such as white or gray. Many industry leaders have even said that gray is the new white. It seems that off-white elements add to the cleanliness aspect of the kitchen, and they don't stain as easily as pure white surfaces do.


    When considering a color scheme for your new kitchen, you must also think about the existing hues of your home. A bright new kitchen may not go well with the more subdued color scheme of the other rooms in the house. This means that you might need to tone down on the kitchen colors as well. However, if contrast is a constant element in the look of your home, then a differently looking kitchen might be a great addition.


    Surfaces and Cabinets

    Kitchen remodeling nowadays incorporates improvements not only on looks but also on function. That is why kitchen cabinets are constantly evolving. Manufacturers are changing the way cabinet doors and drawers function. For example, hydraulic, easy-close doors fold up and out of the way with the touch of a button, perfect for kitchens where space is an issue. Surfaces can also include a hidden storage unit to add function and storage space.  


    Moreover, modern cabinet design involves units that are grouped together. These cabinets are installed in the busiest part of the kitchen so that everything can be easily accessed. Such an arrangement can save space and allow for better movement through the areas of the kitchen. With this setup, cabinets look tidy and more functional. The areas where the cabinets are installed should be planned carefully at the early stage of home renovation.


    Custom Stainless steel rangeFixtures and Appliances

    In contrast to the light color scheme recommended for modern kitchens is the dark and bold configuration of fixtures and appliances. Bold colors do not easily create excitement but make an impact on the look of a kitchen. The boldness often emphasizes the importance of these kitchen elements and creates focal points for the kitchen. In addition, oversized light fixtures with black fabric shades can be used to create an intriguing feel. Furthermore, this new trend brings a wide variety of black refrigerators, sinks, taps, and other kitchen appliances that can be adopted for your kitchen.



    The kitchen of the future is starting to develop today. From sensor-activated lights that only turn on when the kitchen is in use to meat thermometers that alert your smartphone when dinner is done, kitchen technology makes our lives more convenient. Homeowners taking on kitchen remodeling should not feel obligated to install every type of kitchen technology available - these can be installed incrementally. If you're new to automation, you can try out some introductory products such as a hands-free faucet.


    More Kitchen Design Ideas

    Additional kitchen design tips for your home remodeling project in Peoria await when you partner with Matt Davis Custom Homes to renovate your kitchen. We constantly update our knowledge on different design aspects so that we can present them to you and you can have more choices. Through our experience, we know what works and what doesn't. Couple this with our continuous training on the latest trends in kitchen innovation and you can have the kitchen that you have always dreamed of. 


    Matt Davis Custom Homes can be your home remodeler in Peoria IL. Get in touch with us today for great kitchens!


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