Figure out what you need


Are you looking for the largest house you can afford with lots of space for entertaining? Or would you rather have a craftsman’s home with top-notch woodworking & customization throughout? Is your family growing or will your kids be out of the house in a few years? What is your top-end & preferred price ranges? Thinking through and discussing these questions with your spouse is critically important before meeting with any home builder. While we can help provide clarity to what your preferences may look like in a new construction home, it is usually best to at least have a direction in which to start!


Are they experienced?


It is completely appropriate to have your builder show you prior work to make sure they know what they are doing and that this isn’t their first home. Many good home builders will have references from previous satisfied customers, ask for a list of whom you will be able to speak with. Be sure to ask these homeowners how communication was throughout the process, how did the home meet their expectations, and was it completed on time?


Is the builder licensed & what are the warranty / service options?


No matter how new a home is, something is bound to break sooner or later. Does your home builder offer any sort of warranty or service / regular maintenance schedules as part of their package to help fix anything that needs repair? Especially if you are not the handy type, make sure you understand exactly what kinds of “call-backs” your home builder will & won’t do.


Are they involved in the community?


One of the best ways to differentiate a quality custom home builder from one where they hop from town to town every few years is to look at their community involvement. Are they involved in the local Chamber of Commerce? Does their social media profile suggest they are out investing in the community often? Sometimes, homebuilders will just build homes for a few years and when something goes wrong, simply move to the next town and start over rather than dealing with the situation.


Are you comfortable with them?


One of the most important factors, as you will be working closely with your home builder for at least the next few months. Do you get a good feeling when you’re around them or do you feel like they are overselling or not being completely honest? It doesn’t matter if they are the best homebuilder in the world, if you don’t like communicating with them, your experience is going to suffer. This is why we take so much intentional time during our initial consultation with each family we work with. We want them to feel completely comfortable with everything going on and to have complete freedom to ask any questions that pops into their head.




Beautiful Custom Homes in Peoria IL  


The overall architectural styles of custom homes in Peoria IL speak a lot about their owners. Many designs such as contemporary, Victorian, or Mediterranean are adopted by clients. However, as with other developments, the style of your custom home in Peoria IL should also fit the possible neighborhood or area. In this way, the surroundings will accentuate the beauty of the design of your home. Expert custom home builders in Peoria IL are knowledgeable in these aspects.


Matt Davis has a team of talented engineers and sub-contractors who value quality. All of our many projects have been built with only the best materials to match the overall quality and beauty of custom homes in Peoria IL. Our dedication in providing you with the home that you have always dreamed of gives us the drive to build more homes.  


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Expert Custom Home Builders in Peoria IL


Expertise and excellence are the core values of our company. Allow these expert custom home builders in Peoria to help you with any of the following:



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